4 Ways We Paid For Christmas

4 Ways We Paid For Christmas From Our Couch | EverydaySmallThings.com

Affiliate Link Disclosure4 Ways We Paid For Christmas From Our Couch | EverydaySmallThings.comChristmas always has a way of sneaking up on us financially.  We try to budget using Financial Peace University principles which includes putting aside Christmas money each month. But in all honesty, it typically gets used for something else.  Usually, this leaves us scrambling come December trying to figure out how to afford Christmas gifts.

But not this year! Here are four ways we paid for Christmas from our couch.

This is an app I discovered in June and is our biggest Christmas contributor. Acorns.com rounds up every purchase to the nearest dollar (or however much you decide) of any purchase you make using a linked bank account. So, let’s say I spent $13.65 at the store using my debit card. Acorns will set aside 35 cents into a savings account. This has been the easiest way to set aside money! The only downside is it’s not an instant transfer.  Transfers occur when you hit a minimum of $5.

If you sign up using my referral link, you and I will each get $5!

If you haven’t signed up for Swagbucks, you are missing out on easy earnings! This is a search engine where you get swagbucks earnings just for browsing the internet and then you can trade in your swagbucks for cash or gift cards.  I use this as my main search engine and even type in websites that I know I’m going to, just to get a better chance of earning swagbucks which are awarded at random, not per search. Online purchases through websites like Priceline and Vision Direct will earn you swagbucks per dollar spent. Easy peasy!

They also offer surveys, videos and other ways of earning swagbucks. I rarely utilize these avenues but more power to you!

Did you know that you could be paid to test out websites? UserTesting.com pays testers an average of $10 per website tested. I’ve earned $85 on UserTesting since February 2015. Typically, I log on after the kids get into bed and see if I qualify for any website tests. If you have the time and a quiet space, then this is a great way to earn some Christmas cash.

I haven’t used Ebates as often as Swagbucks, but this has still contributed to Christmas. If you shop online, this is the website for you! They actually pay you back a percentage of your purchase. Make sure you install their Ebates Button so you instantly know if the website you are purchasing through qualifies for cash back. What an easy way to earn some extra cash!

So there you have it.  Four ways to start earning extra money for things like Christmas!

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  1. LOVE!! check out “Raise” also! (App or raise.com) You can buy (and sell) discounted gift cards for everything from groceries to restaurants, etc. Anyone who is interested can use my referral code klbates1 and get $5 off. After you sign up share your code and you get another $5 off. I’ve saved as much as $15 to $25 per gift card! Super easy!

    Thanks anne!!

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