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A Book Review: Under the Sea Children’s Bible

Under the Sea Bible :: EverydaySmallThings.comIt’s amazing to me that there are so many options out there for Bibles. I was recently introduced to the new Under the Sea children’s Bible. If your child enjoys fish or sea life, then this would be a great gift. The cover has foil and sparkle cartoons that may be enticing. Bright colors and cartoons are on several feature pages throughout the Bible. 

I was hoping for more of an ocean / creation theme on the inserts, however the cartoons are appealing to my preschool age children.

Buy yours at Barnes & Noble.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of Under the Sea children’s Bible in exchange for an honest review.


Fresh Start

public-domain-images-free-high-resolution-quality-photos-unsplash-0138I’ve decided to give the blog new life…a fresh start.  Which may or may not be influenced by the fact that I didn’t renew my website hosting in time and lost all of my old posts.  (*tears*)

But this has given me an opportunity to think through if I want to keep this up.  What’s the purpose?

I’ve thought a lot about honing into my passions, which has changed over the years.  Motherhood, DIY Projects, Faith and Health are some of the forefront topics I’ll be blogging about.  Thank you for joining me and I hope we can learn from one another as we journey together!