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Managing Mommy Melancholy

Managing Mommy Melancholy |

10 Questions Moms Can Ask As the weather has become cooler and it is getting darker earlier, my children have become moody and whiney.  It’s been a long week of managing fights over toys and whether or not a sibling is looking at the other one.  Towards the end of the week, I realized my children’s attitudes weren’t necessarily reflecting the weather…they were reflecting me.

Often, moms find ourselves on the back burner.  It’s not necessarily on purpose, but we find it easiest to take care of everyone else before we realize that we are on empty and ready to throw in the towel.  To quote an amazing woman (my mom), “Taking care of ourselves, IS taking care of our families.”

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Managing Mommy Melancholy

It’s {not} the thought that counts.

It's Not The Thought That Counts | EverydaySmallThings.comDo you ever have those moments where someone pops into your head randomly?  Or you know a friend who is struggling and you continually think about and, if you’re a person of faith, pray for them?  But here’s the thing…

How do they know they’ve been thought of?
How do they know they’ve been prayed for?

Life’s struggles are often accompanied by loneliness, discouragement and/or anxiety.  We aren’t meant to carry these loads alone.  We are built for relationship.  Yet, in the midst of trials, it is often the last thing on our mind to seek out friendship and encouragement.

So this is what I’ve come to realize…it’s not the thought that counts.

There have been countless times where people will randomly come to mind or I just can’t stop thinking about them.  As a person of faith, I’ve begun to recognize, many times, this is God laying them on my heart for the purpose of praying for or encouraging them.  Therefore, it’s a call to action.

Relationships can be hard.  Especially for an introvert, like myself, who values depth in friendships.  Because of this, I find it doesn’t come naturally to casually “check in” to see how someone is doing or let them know I was thinking about them.  I know some people who are incredibly gifted in this skill in relationships.  And this is what I’ve come to identify.  This is a skill.  And skills can be mastered with practice.

My neighbor is a wonderful example of someone who utilizes this skill well.  On several occasions, she has brought by little gifts for the kids or overstock from her pantry.  To me, it says, “I was thinking about you.”  

When my parents separated, the outpouring of love I experienced was incredible.  And while I may have not responded to every single message or text, the fact that someone took a moment to let me know they were thinking about me was appreciated.  I felt like I had a community around me…that I wasn’t alone.

So, I am challenging myself to intentionally exercise this skill.  How about you?  Not even sure what to call it.   The skill of “letting someone know I was thinking about them” is a little lengthy.

Some everyday small things to keep in mind…
The next time you interact with a young mom and think “She’s a good mom!”…tell her.

The next time you are baking cookies and think “I should double this recipe and take some to the neighbors.”…go for it.

The next time you can’t get an old friend off your mind…let them know.

The next time you see someone with fabulous hair…be bold and tell her!

The next time a friend going through a difficult time comes to mind…pray for them and let them know.

The next time you think “I would love to do coffee with her.”…text her and make a date.

You never know what that person is going through or experiencing in that moment.  Your text or quick encouragement may be exactly what they need.  And they’ll never know…unless you tell them.

How have you engaged the moments people pop into your head?  If you’ve been on the receiving end, what imprint did it leave?

My Alter Ego: Ninja Mom

I tiptoed ever so quietly. Putting my big toe down gently, I knew the floor could squeak with any sudden movements and my light-sleeping son would wake up. I leaned up against the wall, hoping it would somehow aid me in my mission. And suddenly I caught a glimpse of my target…Landon’s blanket (or Night-Night as we call it).

This thing was nasty. I could practically feel the ickiness from the doorway. It had been snuggled and dragged all over the place. I had tried, to no avail, to wash Night-Night earlier that day. His grip just got tighter and tighter every time I asked. This was one of those “Choose Your Battle” moments and it wasn’t worth it.

I looked down at my sleeping boy, Night-Night was finally within my reach. I tested the waters with a small cough to see if he would wake up. Nope, he was out. Carefully, I extracted it from his arms and began my tiptoe journey back. Success! I threw that sucker in the washing machine.

When it was finally clean, I tiptoed back in and snuggled Night-Night back into his arms. I have to admit, I was incredibly proud of myself and began bragging about it to my husband. “I had some pretty stealthy moves up there! I felt like a ninja!” To which he just shook his head and laughed at my dramatic flair.

Cunning Mom Ninja Skills || EverydaySmallThings.orgThat got me thinking. There are a ton of things I do around the house and for my family that make life easier or healthier or just all-around better and they have no idea it even happens. I’m not talking about how clean laundry mysteriously shows up in their rooms (Let’s be honest, it rarely makes it into their drawers. I’m doing good just getting a load of laundry done.)

I’m talking about the cunning moves or hacks we employ, such as washing Night-Night while they’re sleeping or sneaking veggies into their food. I thought it would be fun to share some of our mad ninja skills so that we can learn from one another. I’ll be sharing some of mine over the next few weeks and I’d love to hear from you! You might be doing something that would be an awesome skill to utilize on my own secret missions. 😉