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DIY Seek & Find // EverydaySmallThings.comWe are gearing up for a 12-hour road trip and I wanted to hop on here and share one of the things I’ll be packing up. They turned out so great and everything I used was found around the house!

This idea was found on one of my perusals on Pinterest for ideas on keeping kids busy on a road trip. I pulled together all kinds of foam stickers, beads and trinkets, took a picture of all of the items and put them in an old salsa jar (I always save them!). I then filled the rest with rice. Attaching a laminated photo of everything they could find in the bottle completed this super easy project!

This is a great little activity to have around the house and I’ll definitely save them for a future rainy day.

DIY Seek and Find //


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  1. Anne,
    I love that I came upon your site! I think what your writing about is truly something so many of us moms can relate to! I love your most recent post about the block party because I am lived in my apartment for 4 years and continue to feel like the new kid on the block. Our area has high turn over with a lot of apartments so people don’t take the time to get to know each other. Obviously I am guilty of this or I would have more friends. My closest friend and neighbor is an 86 year old woman I adore, and she feels the same as I, just like at your block party, one conversation can really open your eyes! So thank you for sharing this experience, this is something I would really love to do! I look forward to reading more!


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