My New Favorite CLEAN Makeup

For years, I have been on a journey to remove chemicals from my home. It all started with learning how to clean my home with vinegar and baking soda at MOPS when my kids were little.

In 2013, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and I became much more passionate about removing toxins from our house. While my family has tested negative for BRCA, it still runs in our family for the last three generations. 

To date, I use all natural products in cleaning (Norwex) and doing our laundry. We eat whole foods, eating organic when we can. I switched out our shampoo and conditioner and we use mineral deoderant

Up until recently, I had switched everything except my makeup. I felt like it was too expensive to make the switch. But my face started breaking out and felt so dry and I couldn’t find clean moisturizers that really moisturized and didn’t dry me out by days end.

My mom introduced me to Annmarie Skin Care line and I was hooked after one day. It’s oil-based makeup so my skin feels so good and it lasts all day! You might be thinking, “Oil?! For my face?!” Yes! It really does clean and moisturize skin. I absolutely love their mineral foundation. It moisturizes my face while providing great coverage. You actually mix the mineral powder and oil together before applying, so you can decide how heavy you want your coverage to be. I feel like it softens my skin tone, covering up blemishes and moisturizing my skin at the same time. And I feel great about what I’m putting on my skin!

As far as cancer is concerned, I can’t control genetics or biology. But what I can control is my home environment, food and what we use on our bodies. If you’re looking to make a switch to clean, all natural makeup, then I would highly suggest you check out Annmarie.

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